Baby Safe Super-Power Disinfecting Cleaner and Good Ol’ Vinegar

It’s almost time AGAIN, to mix up a batch of my all natural super-power disinfecting cleaner. It’s amazing how fast it goes with a little one crawling around the house! I’ve been doing my own research on chemicals in household/hygiene products (and everything else for that matter!) the long-term effects of antibacterial solutions, and natural alternatives for pretty much my entire life (if you haven’t looked into this stuff, I encourage you to start now!).

My grandma was into organic/homeopathic before hippies and way before it was the popular way to go. She raised my mom on a farm in California, where she grew most of their food. She had all sorts of tricks she taught me while watching my brother and I when my mom was at work.

One of her go-to remedies was vinegar (she was also a big garlic pusher!). She would mix apple cider vinegar and honey with water for us every time we were sick to help us recover quickly. And you know what, it really seemed to work!

Check out some other great uses for apple cider vinegar here!

As I got older, I developed issues with vinegar. I DESPISE the smell…I really do! So, it took me a while to actually be cool with incorporating it as a household cleansing agent. I was pretty freaked out about what baby G would be putting in his mouth. Even a lot of the products marketed as “natural” or “organic”, still have some sketchy ingredients. Plus, why not save a few bucks and make my own? So after doing a little research here’s what works for us (and my nose!)…

white vinegar cleaner

2 Cups Distilled Water

1 Cup White Vinegar

*About 20 drops Tea Tree Oil & 20 drops Lavender Oil

I’m no chemist or doctor but, this seems to do the trick for us and keep the yucky germies away!

*Sometimes I add more or less. I’ve noticed that after a couple of weeks go by the strong vinegar smell can resurface so, I’ll end up adding more essential oil at that time

Side note: I have heard really wonderful things about the essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and that they are quite a bit cheaper than DoTerra. I still have a bit of DoTerra oils left so I haven’t tried this company yet. Does anyone have experience using essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs?


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