Homemade Baby Food

My little guy's reaction to avocado when we first started solids!

My little guy’s reaction to avocado when we first started solids!

And so began the transition to solids 😉 I have actually been really enjoying this part of motherhood but, I think it’s because I love food so much! I’ve been very lucky thus far, because G will tolerate eating mostly anything. My son is now 9 months has just started getting a little vocal about his food choices AND extra messy now that we’ve added finger foods to the mix! I think starting solids can be just as confusing as anything that has to do with a new baby. Their is sooo much information out there and it can be so overwhelming! After checking out a few websites and running things by my son’s pediatrician, I decided to start solids on the early side. I ended up skipping rice cereal altogether and went straight for pureed sweet potatoes. While I do give G organic baby food I get from the store (he usually gets a jar or pouch for lunch at daycare), I really try to give him as much homemade as possible. It’s not as difficult as one might think to make your own (just steam or bake and blend!) and definitely has ended up saving me some cash 🙂 So, I thought I share with you a few of our favorites! (I even came up with funny names for some of them)

Nana-Banana Blueberry (banana+blueberry+oats) homemade baby food_blueberry banana

Carrots n’ Ginger Pear (carrots+ginger+pear) Go easy on the ginger…just sayin’ 😉 homemade baby food_carrot ginger pear

Apple Cinnamon Lentils (apple+cinnamon+lentil) homemade baby food_apple lentil

Basil Peach (fresh basil+peach) homemade baby food_basil peach

Avomangado (mango+avocado) homemade baby food_mango avocado

Banana Quinoa (banana+red quinoa) homemade baby food_banana red quinoa

Tip: to make things a little easier I check out the frozen section for organic fruits and veggies. The produce is frozen at its peak so they are tasty and full of the good stuff. It’s also nice to use fruits and veggies I don’t even have to cook (like “Nana-Banana Blueberry” & “Avomangado”).

My Costco even has organic beets already steamed and in a bag. Super easy! My next experiment is Lavender Beet and I can’t wait to see how G reacts! Please feel free to share any of your advice on solids or favorite recipes!


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