Our Hooks

“Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die.” ~Paul Simon

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a huge fan of music. I was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan when I was two (no joke!) and some of my most memorable moments were going to punk shows in my early twenties. I even had a job during that time where I was given the opportunity to work with a lot of the people I really admired in the music industry (Yeah…I was cool once 😉 Lol).

I have always been a classic rock girl-at-heart though and I’m super excited to share my love of music with my little man. I first busted out my vinyl collection when he was pretty young, but he really gets a kick out of it now (I swear he loved Led Zeppelin even in the womb!). This summer I took him to his first little outdoor concert and he had a blast!

So, when we’re not listening to the Cookie Monster song over and over again or I’m not singing “The wheels on the Bus” until my face turns blue, we listen to these (adult-friendly) hooks…

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family – Waggaloo

I love this album, I really do! Sarah is the granddaughter of Woody Guthrie and performs with her husband Johnny Irion. This album is perfect in my opinion. G loves that her kids sing on this album and I love the fact that there is nothing annoying at all about this album. It’s fun, gypsy-country sounding and really reminds me of her grandfather with a modern twist (He wrote some of the songs on this album). It’s fun and goofy, but calms my little dude at the same time. The Sarah Lee Guthrie Children’s Pandora Station is a standard at our house. It’s been so great for keeping G mellow during our prime “meltdown time” (from dinner to bedtime).

The Vespers – The Fourth Wall

A friend of mine has worked with this band and I didn’t end up checking them out until I heard a cover they did of Barry Louis Polisar’s “All I Want is You”. Callie & Phoebe’s voices are like angels. My son was immediately enchanted, I kid you not! This band seriously saved my life for a few months when this was the only thing that would calm him down and get him to sleep in the car. The Vesper’s are a folkie/roots sounding band, but still have a modern indie feel. My son was actually a little more into this when he was a few months younger but, I’m still in love 🙂

4 month old G passed out in his car seat listening to his favorite band, the Vespers

4 month old G passed out in his car seat listening to his favorite band, the Vespers

Ziggy Marley – Family Time

I’m a huge Ziggy Marley fan so I’m obviously going to think it’s great! And if you’re a fan of reggae you’ll enjoy this album. My little guy loves it too 🙂

I hope you find that you enjoy these albums as much as we do! Music is so wonderful! I go crazy on Pandora when I find a new artist I like and am always on the lookout for stations G might like too. Please feel free to share any of your awesome music finds!


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